march 2014



Workshops/open rehearsals settings - SEEDS does not offer any drinks but is BYOB friendly.


08:30 pm

John O'Gallagher Trio

John O'Gallagher - Alto Saxophone
Johannes Weidenmuller - Bass
Mark Ferber - Drums

10:00 pm

Maria Grand Trio

Maria Grand - Tenor Saxophone
Jon Michel - Bass
Craig Weinrib - Bass


08:30 pm

Brad Linde's UNDERWATER GHOST with Allison Miller

Brad Linde - tenor saxophone, compositions
Anthony Pirog - guitar, effects
Nathan Kawaller - bass
Allison Miller - drums and cymbals

10:00 pm

Sebastien Ammann 4tet

Sebastien Ammann - Piano
Ohad Talmor - Tenor Sax
Dave Ambrosio - Bass
Eric McPherson - Drums

Celebrating the release of "Samadhi", Sebastien Ammann's Fresh Sound debut recording. This group will be touring Europe the week following this performance.


08:30 pm

Chris Carroll 5tet

Roman Filiu - Alto Sax
Alejandro Aviles - Tenor Sax
Nate Radley - Guitar
Thompson Kneeland - Bass
Chris Carroll - Drums

10:00 pm

Nate Radley Group

Nate Radley - Guitar
Shane Endsley- trumpet
Jonny Lam- Pedal steel
Gary Wang- Bass
Mark Ferber- Drums


08:30 pm

Seth Trachy 4tet

Seth Trachy - Tenor Sax
Matt Brewer - bass
Felix Lecaros - drums
Glenn Zleski - piano


08:30 pm

Kenny Berger Trio

Kenny Berger - Bari/soprano Sax, bassoon, contra alto clarinet
Andrew Green - Guitar
JC Sanford - Trombone

10:00 pm

Simon Jermyn Trio

Chris Speed - Tenor Sax/Clarinet
Lander Gysellinck - Drums
Simon Jermyn - Elec Bass